Classical furniture art exhibition Aspect

The annual Redwood Industry Event "The 15th China International Classical Furniture Fair" will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on June 24-27. The exhibition exhibits more abundant, more diverse forms of exhibitions, famous artists frequently,Sale Best Beach Chair many theme activities brilliant, display "the most mahogany" Chinese home new products, new life. A number of representatives of the Soviet Union, widely made, Beijing for the East for the fairy and other schools of well-known mahogany brand display of new products and fine red wood furniture highlights a lot more Aspect.

The arts and crafts are made of lobular red sandalwood carvings, with a total length of 9 meters. People, birds and beasts, and scenery are portrayed in a vivid and lifelike manner. Guangdong Huang Ting Zhen Mu Fang main red foliage new Chinese mahogany furniture,canopy beach chairs sale more appropriate young consumer groups to teach the high collection value. Zuan Mufang years dedicated to the customization of furniture, this time the exhibition site is the introduction of "heritage of the heart Kam Kam life" theme solo exhibition, a variety of fine masterpiece debut for the vast number of consumers to bring exclusive private custom services.

As another major feature label, "Western Classical Furniture and Antique Art Exhibition" has been favored by visitors for many years. Combined with the exhibition site in Shanghai exhibition center of the historical and cultural heritage, together with the major European antique origin of the antique business to create a new display space,buy now commercial restaurant furniture through the exhibition hall porch, one after another beautifully arranged art exhibition greeted.

Antique clock and watch, the European 18th century oil paintings, royal plaything, candlestick, silverware and Louis 15 European royal family imperial lighting and other exhibits Ambilight, extremely beautiful. Exposure to the royal family as a visit to the aristocratic palace, antique furniture sets, jewelry into a series, the exhibition exhibits the degree of complete and highly series, display and exhibits complement each other, for the previous years. Through the exhibition site rich artistic atmosphere,heavy duty beach chairs the organizers hope that the European classical culture and oriental mystery flavor to the majority of the audience, is one of the rare domestic exhibition.

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