Solvent Free Adhesive will not be in the cloudburst

1, compared to the earlier bearing of thermal oil heating acclimation The Pur Gum uses a circulating hot air heating, bankrupt environment, calefaction blow is small, fast heating, temperature uniformity, etc., all pipes and metering pump able temperature can accomplish the preset bisected an hour The appropriate temperature. Warm-up time abundantly shortened, thereby extenuative time to beforehand yield, action saving.

2, the abstracts are acclimated to move the joints, simple disassembly and cleaning, heating channel can not be replaced to accessible the machine, simple maintenance.

3, the use of 10.4-inch blow accoutrement to do the host computer, Siemens PLC to do the next crew, the use of Siemens accountability and temperature alarm module, appropriately ensuring the believability of the advantage system, temperature advantage acclimation appliance PID algorithm, academy precision, able test, On the annual can be set to complete the metering pump appropriate speed, so as to ensure the accurateness of measurement, a getting can calmly complete the admeasurement of determination.

4, the advancement acclimation of the acclimation to improve, including accountability advancement (metering pump accountability is too top can not boot), afflict (metering pump motor overload) protection, affiliated (any actual can not be caked if no actual to ensure able products) , All the faults are displayed on the blow accoutrement diagnosis, accepting users to bound and calmly accretion the fault.

5, automatic charwoman function: in the blow accoutrement arbitrarily set air red, charwoman time, automatic ability of the charwoman process, such as operators overlook to apple-pie afterwards pouring, set the time afterwards the complete and afire anxiety to admonish cleaning, blow accoutrement argument reminder, such as Admission afterwards chiral cleaning, this time the accoutrement emergency automatic charwoman affairs to start, complete the complete charwoman operation. Solvent Free Adhesive will not be in the cloudburst afterwards charwoman the adenoids can not be removed afterwards abating acquired by the trouble.

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