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AVICII, who is an internationally acclaimed DJ/Producer, has re-launched his global music game GRAVITY. There has been an upgrade and massive HD-expansion to the game that is packed with brand new and original content. It includes 16 tracks EP1, “Wake Me Up”, “Levels”, “Hey Brother” and “Waiting for Love” are just some of the ones on there. The graphics are now better than before, as well as the game design with new worlds to explore.


AVICII does an amazing job…


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Top Cocktails to order at the Club

Hey VIP Club Scene Magazine readers! The weekend is so close we can smell it! Are you ready to get your party on tonight? We definitely are and are looking forward to pulling up to the club ready to turn all the way up with the lights down. If you have ever been put on the spot where the bartender comes up to you and asks you what you want to drink, but you don’t know what to order. Here are some typical drinks you can order at the bar, in case you ever struggle to picks something. The…


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The Top of the Standard, New York

The Top of the Standard is New York’s most glamorous and elegant place to be. Reservations are strongly recommended for this exclusive venue, because it will make a huge difference on whether you get in or not. Described as the place to “see and be seen” because of its dramatic views of New York City and the high-end environment around. The dress code for this place says it all, it is sleek elegant, so make sure you dress to impress. When you walk in to The Top of the Standard, you notice…


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BEDROOM Club located in Thessalonikis, Greece, is a nightclub similar to the Las Vegas party scene environment. It is one of the hottest places to be if you are in Greece. BEDROOM Club hosts events like Babydoll every Thursday at their luxurious, well decorated venue. From the video you can see how alive this place is. There are girls in the crowds dancing and having fun, and taking selfies. Champagne is their go to celebration drink, so make sure to reserve a table and pop a bottle. BEDROOM…


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Wave by Veronica Vega

Hello VIP Club Scene Magazine readers! The hottest new song has just dropped this week. "Wave" by Veronica Vega featuring Lil Wayne and Jermih has catchy lyrics and a Miami feel to it. The song raves about partying and the waves from the ocean, which implies it's near a beach. It's very catchy and I'm pretty sure it will be big this spring break at all the Miami and Las Vegas pool parties. Wave has a very tropical and Caribbean vibe to it. The song premiered on the show Love and…

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OMNIA Dayclub in Bali

OMNIA nightclub in Las Vegas has reputation to be one of the world’s greatest and now OMNIA Dayclub in Bali will be held to the same standard. Located on the south-western tip of the Bukit Peninsula of Bali, Indonesia, OMNIA Dayclub will have dream-like views of the Indian Ocean. OMNIA is located in Uluwatu on a 100-meter plateau that overlooks the beautiful limestone Indian Ocean waters below. OMNIA is located right next to the modern authentic Japanese restaurant Sake no Hana. OMNIA…


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LA Nightclubs

Los Angeles is known for being over the top with extravagant nightclubs. If you want to experience that we have made a list of the top Nightlife party venues.


-The Abbey Food and Bar: Located in West Hollywood, the Abby is a luxurious club famous for its big martinis, sexy go-go dancers and lavish environment.


-The Conga Room is located in the heart of Los Angeles. Big celebrities that include J-LO and Will.i.am from the Black-Eyes Peas own The Conga…


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Valentine's Day Miami Nightlife

Happy Valentine’s Day VIP Club Scene Magazine readers! There are many nightlife places you can go to today, or take your loved one as well! If you are in Miami You have many options for fun bars you can rendezvous over to. The first one is Foxhole Bar. They will have an event called Rosé Over Roses where all the ladies can drink free rosé at the bar from when it opens until it closes. Lilt Lounge in Miami will also be having an event called Select Your Valentine where you will get 2 for 1…


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OMNIA Dayclub in Los Cabos

Los Cabos, San Lucas will soon be a hotspot for anyone looking to indulge in the paradise luxuries of Mexico. This destination will take you to a whole new level of lavish living. OMNIA Dayclub in Los Cabos, San Lucas has its grand opening on February 23, 2018. It is located at the Southern tip of Baja California, overlooking the Sea of Cortez within the Vidanta resort.


The OMNIA Venue is an extravagant, over the top day-to-night experience that will be the first of its kind…


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Champagne Bottle Life

Good morning VIP Club Scene Magazine readers. At VIP Club Scene we always make sure to go all out when we celebrate at Nightclubs. There’s no better way to celebrate than with the finest champagne money can buy. If you are out with bottle service at some of the hottest nightclubs, like Hakkasan at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, then you will be able to order some of the most expensive bottles of champagne. We made a quick list on our favorite luxurious bottles of champagne. We all need the…


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Fifty Shades Freed the fight scene from its movie

Hello VIP Club Scene Magazine readers! We hope you had a chance to watch the Fifty Shades Freed movie this opening weekend. We went and watched it, loved it but we did notice something different about the movie versus what we saw in the trailer. Do you remember the scene where Elliot proposes to Kate at the club? Well in the trailer we saw that Christian Grey fights somebody on the dance floor afterwards, but in the movie that didn’t happen. We were a little confused as to why. We were…


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The luxuries of Miami's South Beach

Miami nightlife is known around the world for being the best. The environment, nightclubs, the people, and the music all contribute to its praised reputation. Every year Miami rises in popularity because of its nightlife, especially the South Beach district. Located at the tip of the state of Florida, Miami’s beautiful aqua blue ocean waters attract the hottest tourists ready to vacation and party it up all the time that they are there. The nightlife in Miami’s South Beach is lit. Every…


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EDM Music Festival Outfits

Finding an outfit for an EDM music festival can be nerve wrecking, since there are so many options. We’ve narrowed it down to the top outfits you can plan for this upcoming festival season. Whether its cold or hot where you’re going, most people disregard that and tend to go for a “hot look” because they want to look good for those social media pictures. For a cute little outfit, you want to make sure you are comfortable and wont have any outfit malfunctions. EDM music festivalgoers are…


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Fifty Shades Freed Rating

Our rating scale is based off numbers one to ten. One being the worst, ten being the best.


Acting: 10


The actors did an incredible job in Fifty Shades Freed. Dakota Johnson blessed us with her beautiful figure, and portrayed her character, Anastasia, as a submissive wife. Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian Grey, did an amazing job because he had us believing and feeling everything he was doing to Anastasia throughout the film.




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Fifty Shades Freed review

Fifty Shades Freed is a must see and is the perfect movie for a date with your significant other. Following the craziness that occurred in Fifty Shades Darker, this movie definitely did not disappoint. After Anastasia Steele says yes to Christian Grey’s marriage proposal, their journey as a married couple begins. A wild one, that is.


The movie starts off with Anastasia and Christian Grey saying their vows to each other. She wears a beautiful white lace wedding dress, and…


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50 Shades Freed is out today!

Good morning VIP Club Scene Magazine readers! Do you know what today is?? The third and final movie from the Fifty Shades Trilogy “Fifty Shades Freed” is officially out in theatres near you! We are so excited for this movie to debut. This hot BDSM movie has everyone wondering what’s going to happen with Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Anastasia has accepted Christian Grey’s proposal to marriage in “Fifty Shades Darker” so we have to look forward to all the unexpected crazy sexy scenes…


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Pool Party

Hey VIP readers, we put together a little outfit idea so that you are ready when pool party season rolls around. I know it’s only February, but time flies by so fast that before you know it, we will be in June ready to party it up next to the water. For women, if you’re single (or not) but are looking to have someone buy you a drink this summer, then this velvet Laundry by Shelli Segal Choker one-piece swimsuit is so perfect and beautiful $186.00!…


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Sexy cocktails

Good morning VIP Club Scene Magazine readers! It’s Thursday and we hope you’re getting ready for that time of the week! YES, going out this weekend for drinks with friends, or boyfriend, or secret lover. Whatever the case may be, the question a lot of people don’t think about ahead of time is, what will you order to drink? How about something sexy? Who doesn’t love a little sexy cocktail? Here is a list of our top sexy cocktails that you can order, but maybe not when you are around family or…


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Tamara Sky

Tamara Sky is our Woman Crush Wednesday. She is a professional EDM DJ from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has worked closely with Paul Van Dyke. Not only is this hot artist a DJ, but she is also a model. In the past, Sky has been Miss Puerto Rico Bikini and she is also a native of the island. In April of 2006, Tamara Sky was the celebrity and centerfold for the Mexican issue edition of Playboy magazine. Playboy also named her Playmate of the Month of August 2007 in the United…


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Love and Lust

Good morning VIP Club Scene Magazine readers! Our February issue will be dropping soon! We hope you are just as excited as we are because were covering everything from love, lingerie, digital dating, aphrodisiacs, relationships and even secret affairs. Our issue this month is titled Love and Lust. We feature the most luxurious dating places in the world like Bora Bora, Napa Valley and Cabo San Lucas. You will want to pack your bags, including your lingerie, to get away to these places with…


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