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It's hunting season...

This Friday evening blog is for all my singles out there. It's finally party time and you are gearing up for a night...or nights out. You've made your plans and your revin' your engine to throw it back like a rock star.

Well I want you to do me a favor. Be a hunter.

If any of you have watched Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, Patty always tells her quiter clients that they have to be hunters. This means approaching that person that you zone in on across the room. But I am going…


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The Danger of Fantasy

We all know that men and women are very different; not only is communication near impossible but our ideas on romance are entirely different. If you take a guy to a football game for your anniversary and hand a beer to him before the bubbles have even settled to the bottom of the cup, he's in heaven. But women want to be wined and dined. They want flowers and gifts and loving words whispered in their diamond-twinkling ears. Is there an explanation for this difference of…


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Sexy Fall Fashion

As the summer heat wanes and is replaced by a crisp autumn breeze, we all realize it is time to switch out our closets. The trees will begin to trade their summer greens for autumn reds and its time for us to do the same. And to help us along the way are the hottest designers who congregate in Paris, bringing stunning runway looks that make us drool. So here are some of the hottest trends for fall, tailored for you!


Guys, the color scheme in mens fashion is very similar to that… Continue

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Why we love the Kardashians

Now we have seen the Kardashians practically everywhere: they promote a diet supplement, Kris and Kim promote Sketchers, they have their own line of clothing...you cant escape these powerful women. Their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians was an instant success, as have been the spin-offs. So why are we so in love with them? Here are five reasons why the Kardashians are super stars.


1. They are television personalities.

    If you have ever watched their show, the…


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The importance of butterflies

Have you ever had that feeling where your heart is pounding so fast that your chest literally aches? Where it feels like a ton of ants are tickling the inside of your stomach? You get almost light headed with the feeling and your tongue is as thick as a lamp post?

These are common symptoms for no...not a heart attack, but those nervous gittery sensations...BUTTERFLIES! I believe that they are the fundamental reasons for knowing if someone is right for you. And I know I've talked a lot…


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The reasons high standards kill your love life

Every person that I have talked to has given me the same answer for why they are single: there just isnt a huge batch of available AND attractive fish out in the proverbial sea. He's too short, she's too clingy. She has a beauty mark on her forehead, he wears loafers. Its a never ending list of things that just turns you off from someone. But does having high standards really narrow down the field in finding the one?

We all generally have types. Whether its tall, dark and…


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Why Women Love Jerks

I have this guy friend (by now I'm sure you've recognized he's a complainer) who insists that women love jerks. "Women never want the nice guy!" he protests. Of course, he is the nice guy so he blames this drought on the fact that he's just too darn nice.

What he doesnt understand is that women might say they want a nice guy, but in reality they dont. And before you start freaking out on me, let me explain. Women say they want the nice guy because they are currently being treated…


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Facebook craziness

According to Facebook statistics, more than 750 million members spend on average 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Now with competing Google Plus on the market, it will be interesting to see if those Googlites will switch to the new network. But the fact of the matter is, we are absolutely obsessed with social networking websites. And it is no longer an American societal phenomena; the world has joined in on the craze.

So what has Facebook done to us? I am going to use myself…


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Independent Women

My friend and I go on hikes every other day during the week. Its a chance to unwind after a long work day and catch up on each other's lives. Last monday we started talking about our love lives. She continues to wallow away her days in "its complicated's" while I continue on my never ending search for perfection. "You are so picky!" my friends always tell me, "Your standards are way too high!" Granted I refuse to kiss the toads to find my prince but I'm not exactly shooting for Colin Farrell…


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The Death of Chivalry

I have a constant war waging between me and a friend. He argues that chivalry is still alive, that men will throw down their jackets over a puddle to keep a woman from soggy shoes, that doors are always opened, and that men are here to protect the "fairer sex". He even went as far as sending me an article on chivalry still being alive.

Now I plan on writing a full article for next month's magazine on this but I would love to vent for a moment. This article blamed women for the death…


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Reality TV Stars

The other day I went to Target...what I was shopping for was completely irrelevant in its banality. I LOVE looking at magazines--celebrity gossip, women's interest, travel. You name it. I was going through one at the register and the headliner was about some long ago teenager from MTV's Teen Mom. She had just gotten out of rehab and might lose her child.

I am sad to say that I have seen more than my share of the show's episodes (my sister has them TiVo'd I swear!) but I never quite…


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Shopping for men

Today, I spent a good hour searching for male models for the upcoming photo shoot. I went through hundreds of pages, looking at their portfolios and tried to figure out their personalities from their information and the choice of photo shoots they had made. Some made me wince as I surfed through picture after picture of boys in banana hammocks aka speedos (not a fan) and some were just plain odd. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, there's a time and place for…


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Online Dating v The Club Scene

As a society, the United States is obsessed with dating. From television shows like the ABC Bachelor/Bachelorette series and Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker to the literally hundreds of online dating websites, it is a wonder anyone is single these days! Online dating has gained momentum in recent years and, according to a recent study, “1 out of 5 single people have dated someone they met on an online dating site.” However, there is some discord among singles on the relevance of…


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