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Amanda Seyfried: American Starlet

                Amanda Seyfried, one of Hollywood’s most promising starlets, has taken over the scene in recent years. With her goldy-locks blond hair, cornflower blue eyes, and succulent lips, how could you not love this all-American girl?

                Her career sky-rocketed into another caliber after Mean Girls. Playing a bubble-headed blond with such precision that it had to be real, Seyfried made a name for herself. In an interview, Amanda admits that she even quotes some of…


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Every Woman Should Be a Tease

Being a tease is the best thing any woman can do for her love life. Yes, men grumble and whine, but at the end of the day they want that challenge—they want what they can’t have. They might be sleeping with the girl that puts out easily, but you know that she will never be girlfriend material. And why is that? There's no chase involved. Have you ever noticed when you are unavailable, men are all over you like bees to honey? Well there you go! So the next time you are confronted by the…


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Labor Day at the Marquee

Opened this past New Years to enthrall nightlife enthusiasts visiting Las Vegas, Marquee Nightclub is considered the hottest new club and for good reason—this multimillion dollar club boasts some of the hottest DJs in the world with a $5 million world class stage. On New Years alone, Marquee Nightclub spent $60 million to make the occasion one of the most memorable openings in Vegas history. The DJ booth itself cost $4 million and to top it off, the 60,000 square foot club raised a tri-level…


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Fun and Flirty End of Summer Cocktails

Labor Day weekend is officially the last weekend to enjoy all that is summer. School begins, the weather becomes cooler and we begin to seek that cozy feeling that comes with winter. So to help you enjoy your last week of summer, I have found some less known cocktails that will bring that summer zing to your night time experience. These drinks have that sexy summer flavor and bring back all the amazing memories you have made. Ask your bartender for one of these cocktails so you can kick back…


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Rio is getting a little hotter

Yesterday, I mentioned that Ipanema, Rio is considered the sexiest beach in the world. Well, Rio is about to get a little hotter because guess who's in town? This Saturday, UFC is taking over Rio de Janeiro and Silva and Okami are the main attraction. These fighters are so hot that this event is already sold out!

Anderson Silva is currently 28-4; nicknamed…


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Sexiest Beach in the World

Ipanema, Rio was voted the sexiest beach in the world, and for good reason. Along the coast of this skyrise tourist city, the sapphire waves come crashing to powdered sand. The sexiest patrons come to visit the coast and even sexier, barely-there bikinis area must. The twin peaks of the towering moutnain shadows the beach, but the mood of beach-goers is always lively. Beach volleyball is the main attraction and the competition gets heated.

As the sun sets aover this spectacular beach,…


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The Ultimate in Manmade Beauty

If you are coming to the Bay Area and you are looking for that A-lister experience, your first stop should be Club Sportiva. This exclusive little club provides some of the most beautiful and luxurious vehicles known to man--Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Lotus, you name it! And what's fabulous about this rental club is that you only spend on average about $3,000 per day for these cars. Club Sportiva is considered the place to buy "time shares" for vehicles and why not? You don't…


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The wedding of the year

Considered the celebrity wedding of the year--other than the royal wedding of course--Kim Kardashian's wedding was the most exclusive event to be seen at. A slew of celebrities were seen at the Sotto II Monte estate in Montecito, CA wear Kim and Kris tied the knot. The theme was black and white, and all guests were required to wear this attire. To go along with the theme, a huge black and white tent was put up to house 450 guests. Within, a ten tiered cake is the centerpiece for the…


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Should you stay friends with a liar?

Since the beginning of their season in Italy, Mike "The Situation" has started rumors of a hook-up with now-attached Snooki. Last night, Ronnie let the rumors loose, attempting to see who was lying and who wasnt. Snooki, of course freaked out. We all know that her boyfriend will not react well to this--most men wouldnt. Can Snooki reconcile with Mike or should this friendship end?

Mike is, unfortunately, 100% in it for himself. He loves the attention and can't seem to let go when…


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The sexiest international hot spot

If you are going to go anywhere in the world to experience the last of summer's offerings, get yourself tickets to this little island. It is the sexiest and most luxurious islands in the world. It is the international hot spot for the rich, famous, and ready-to-party. Ibiza, Spain is the island I am talking about and this is your last chance to experience this lush Spanish island before it completely shuts down for the fall and winter months.

Why should you go? The sexiest…


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Mr. Pauly D

DJ Pauly D exploded onto the scene when he and a few young Italians were thrown into a house on the shores of New Jersey. Now, this fist-pumping, cone headed socialite is everywhere. He has already made the quote of the season, "If she wears light up shoes...she's too young for you!" Pauly D gets paid tens of thousands of dollars to make appearances and DJ at events. And he just got asked by Brittany Spears to join her tour because she loves Jersey Shore so much.

So dont worry, you…


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The Hangover

This past weekend, I had an amazing time at South Shore, Lake Tahoe. It was my first time experiencing the nightlife there and let's just say I went a little crazy. Three out of the four days I was there, I was completely and utterly hungover. And I am not one of those fortunate individuals who only gets one symptom. I get a throbbing headache and an upset stomach. Well, I did some research and talked to  a few bartender friends of mine, and I came up with some cures that are supposed to…


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The Lost Art of Wine-Tasting

Today, especially in the United States, wine-tasting is a lost art. We don’t know what all that sniffing and slurping is all about, just that, if you want to look like a wine connoisseur, you do it. The Bay Area has access to much of the best wines in the world and recently, wines produced in the Napa Valley have surpassed French wines in terms of taste and quality. But when choosing wine most people associate the foreign wines and their break-the-bank price tags with quality and flavor. Not…


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South Lake Tahoe

Today was a gorgeous day to be at the sexiest vacation spot in the California mountains--South Lake Tahoe. The mountains loom over the tiny town casting shadows across inhabitants. A twenty minute drive to Zephyr Cove Beach takes you to a little alcove on the cusp of Tahoe. Beautiful waitresses from the Resort wander over to beach-goers and serve some tasty--and potent--cocktails. Rum Runners are the most popular drinks on the beach--their pink tint noticeable across the sandy plain. The most… Continue

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Pet Peeves

Women are complex creatures. There are times when I don't even understand what I'm doing. But then there are times when I think women need to start acting more like men--cut the emotional nonsense and just get back to business! Here are the top 5 things that women do that needs to stop, stat!

1. Going back to a cheater. For whatever reason, women think that he just had a teeny tiny lapse in judgment. Hey, the girl probably lured him when he was vulnerable. She could even catch him in…


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The hottest weekend of summer

Labor Day weekend is your last chance to make a big bang at the end of summer. The weather begins to cool and you know its time to finally give up on those tanks and shorts and bring out the sweaters. Its the time when music festivals begin to dwindle and you have to wait through the rain, snow or sleet for the warmer weather to come back. Haven't given yourself a weekend to remember this summer?

There are two things you need to do by the end of summer and they can happen…


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False Hopes

These days, its kind of difficult to tell what's fake and what's actually real. Not only has plastic surgery made it extremely easy and convenient to change what you don't like about your body but computers have made it easy to airbrush images to make what was real into a complete fantasy.

I have raved about Crazy, Stupid Love. I would say it was one of the best romantic comedies that has come out on the big screen in a while. And I will admit one of the best scenes in the movie was…


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Nocturnal Wonderland 2011

From the people who brought you The Electric Daisy Carnival, the craziest music festival of the year, Insomniac does it again every September in Southern California. If you've never been to EDC or havent heard of the EDC's younger sister, Nocturnal Wonderland brings you all of the fun elements that made EDC a hit.

Carnival rides hit the scene. The swings raise you above the crowd, the lights from the stage blurring into a cosmic shower. And if you can handle the more intense rides,…


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Evans v Ortiz

Tomorrow night is a big night for MMA enthusiasts. Two world class fighters will meet head to head to try and win the title of Light Heavy Weight Champ. And as usual, everyone is projecting their own favorites for the UFC fight: will it be Evans or Ortiz?

The two seem to be equally matched--at 205 pounds each its going to be a fight between two batting rams and the one with the greatest will to win will steal the title.

And as most fights go the other is pounding their chest,…


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Athletes with Attitude

We all know that Sean Avery is a bad ass. He skates like a mammoth and fights like a lion. But, according to TMZ this morning, the New York Ranger hockey player was arrested for shoving a cop. Apparently the guy forgot he wasn't on skates. 

Athletes these days cant seem to do anything right. First is was dog fighting, now its violence against the police. Is there something the leagues should do to prevent this?

I can go on and on for days about Terrell Owens. He has a bad…


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