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The New Year’s Big List: Las Vegas

New Year’s is perhaps the greatest night of the year, deserving of the biggest parties around. 2012 is not going to be brought in with anything less than the best, and one of the hottest spots on the planet for New Year’s Eve is the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. There will be tons of massive parties and…


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The Heart of the South Bay

I have heard San Jose called many things: a bedroom community for San Francisco, a college town, even “Man” Jose.  Though all of these monikers may be partially true, none of them can come close to truly describing the whole of the city.  San Jose is the tenth most populous city in the United States so there is no lack of people, or places to see.  From Campell, to Los Gatos, to Mountain View, San Jose is the real star of the South Bay.…


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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I am Caroline and I love awkward first blog posts.


I am a new writer for VIP Club Scene with the license to write about what interests me. I told my boss that this could be a mess because I have so many different interests. Luckily we narrowed it down to a great passion of mine.


I LOVE to travel. I blame my parents for this addiction because they are enablers, but both deny it. Typical.


I have lived in Budapest, Hungary; Dublin, Ireland and…


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Best Party Crew Ratio

What is the best ratio of people to go out with to the club? Just girls? Just guys? Guys and girls? It seems that every situation and combination has its ups and downs, but I am here to solve this issue and tell you the right ratio. Many people think that partying with guy friends and girl friends is the best…


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Tiësto in NY!

Tiësto is one of the biggest DJ/Producers in the world, and has performed for over one million people. He will be gracing United States soil this Wednesday Nov 30- Saturday Dec 3 in New York and Atlantic City! Recently named “The Greatest DJ Of All Time” in a Mixmag poll, his style is very diverse and he has worked with an array of celebrities. So no matter what your…


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True Artists From the Bay

Every musical artist typically stands behind the neighborhood, city and area they grew up in. In my opinion, artists from the Bay Area rep their love and support the hardest. Whether you are from San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Vallejo or anywhere in between, you represent the Bay. We are proud to have artists such…


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You Are Your Own Heartbreaker


This may sound cruel, but in my opinion people break their own hearts. I haven’t always had this philosophy on love and heartache, but as I got older I came to realize that this is how it is. Sure, I have had my heart broken before but that was because I was so involved with the way the other…


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Axwell @ The Warfield SF!

Axwell, the world renowned DJ from Sweden, and also one of the members of Swedish House Mafia will be in on our home turf this Friday November 25! This energetic house DJ, record producer and record label owner was voted the #12 spot of the Top 100 DJ’s by DJ Magazine and he will be performing at the Warfield in San Francisco. He has been mixing, recording and…


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Black Wednesday


If you frequently go to the bars, well actually even if you only occasionally go to the bars, you most likely know about Black Wednesday. Not to be mistaken with it’s friend Black Friday, the largest shopping day of the year, Black Wednesday is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. It is…


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Live the Life of a Baller On YOUR Budget

Wish you could throw money off a balcony of a club and not care? Love those chains, pendants and clothes the rappers wear? Want to pick up the hottest girls in the club, but can’t afford to buy them drinks? Well, now you can do all of this, to an extent. Being a big spender and doing it big at the club and…


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A Night in the Life of a Girl In the Club

Majority of my male friends tell me they wish they had the “power” girls have when they go out to the bars and clubs. What does this mean? It means when they go out as a male they see all the females having a better time than them. Through their eyes the situation goes like this: girls get to cut in the…


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Don't Miss These 2 Fights!


Dan Henderson VS Mauricio Rua. Wanderlei Silva VS Cung Le. Damn. That’s all I can say about the two fights happening this Saturday. Of course I’m rooting for the two California fighters, Henderson and Le, both with amazing records and well-rounded skills. Henderson of course with more fights under his belt, but Le with skills and a 7-1-0 record to compare to…


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Pool Parties: Leave the Floaties at Home!


Waking up hung over on vacation and all you want to do is lay by the pool and have a drink to cure your urge of vomiting. Might as well keep the party going from the night before! All you need is a pair of heel (for the ladies), a sexy swimsuit or trunks, tanning oil, and an attitude that says “I’m ready to get drunk and dance in…


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Gambling Life Away


You can only bear the smell of cigarettes and drunk people for so long, until you call it quits because you already made your…


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In It For the Long Run VS In It For Just Fun

From personal experience, long-term relationships don’t turn out to last happily ever after, and one out of every three short term flings turn into something unexpected, but not always in a good way… Referring to the infamous Wedding Crashers movie, Vince Vaughn would describe this not-so-good situation as a …


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Yoga Clothes and Running Gear...

Yoga clothes and running gear for sweaty workouts”: this is the motto for popular workout gear brand LuLuLemon. But what we’ve noticed here at VIP Club Scene is that these clothes go beyond “sweaty workouts” and have become a staple in our day-to-day fashion statements. Is it acceptable to wear workout gear outside of the gym and how can you wear these items without looking frumpy? I’ve got the answer for you!

It’s a simple fact that women do not like walking…


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Cain Velasquez: Hometown Champion

The #1 undefeated heavyweight MMA fighter in the world has been matched up to fight another undefeated fighter. Don’t miss this event. It will be one to remember for sure. Cain Velasquez, a San Jose native, has been paired up to fight against Junior Dos Santos for the UFC World Heavyweight Championship this Saturday. Even though both fighters are undefeated, Cain…


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Hangover Therapy

People often ask me what I think the worst feeling in the world is. The answer is plain and simple each time. It is the feeling when that first ray of sunlight manages to bypass every object in my room and slap me right in the face after a long night of drinking. That one ray of light breaks the sweet blissful sleep of the gods and begins the incessant pounding in my head. I tried every hangover remedy I could think of and nothing worked. I was suffering until one day I tried…


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Coffee shop

Until a year ago, Vietnamese coffee shops weren’t my thing, but coffee was and still is. A year ago, my cousin Derrick called me up and asked if I wanted to go to a coffee shop with him. At first, I was hesitant to go because I didn’t see the point of it. I’ve been to a few coffee shops before, paid $4 for a…


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The Secret Society

As the sun sets and the clock begins to tick down to midnight, people frantically start to prepare for their night out. In the darkest night you can find them, the bright colorful glow from their sticks reveal their location. The murmurs of their voices quickly begin to be drowned by the roar of the music. Soon it is too loud to even speak or think, and all that is left is to dance and be a part of the crowd. The music engulfs the soul and takes the body on adventures of…


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