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Pros and Cons of Lip Injections

We love them. We hate them. We love to hate when others have them, but let's be honest. When done right, lip injections look pretty damn good. Of course, there are the horror stories that come along with minor plastic surgery. There are the celebrities-gone-Donald Duck. But there are also the…


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The Many Looks in T Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" Video

Mixed feelings after watching Taylor Swift's new video and many, many questions. We can't help but appreciate the artistry in the video and all of the symbolism- the snakes, the one dollar bill, the makeup and outfits mimicking her former personas. There's a reason Taylor's video release during the 2017 VMA's broke the Internet. Swift is an expert…


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5 Hot Outfit Options for a First Date

Figuring out your first date outfit can be stressful. You want to snag the partner of your dreams, but don’t want to be over the top. You want to look fabulous, but don’t want to come across as someone else. Whether it’s with someone you met through a friend or Tinder, choosing your outfit communicates a lot about you. It takes just under seven seconds for someone to form a first impression. In other words, someone will decide who they think you are pretty quickly based on what…


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LED Eye Lashes?!

Just about anything with LED lights is a must…


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Miami Swim Week Brings the Heat

Swim Week took over Miami …


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What it's really like to do a boudoir photo shoot

Taking professional sexy photos as a gift to your spouse-to-be is a growing trend within the bridal community. These photos are known as boudoir photography and are meant to celebrate the female body in an elegant way. Think more Victoria’s Secret and less…


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Men's Fashion Trend: Flower Prints

We're obsessed a man who can rock a sweet floral print, which is why this fashion trend caught our eye. There's just something about a sexy floral bomber jacket or pair of flower-covered swim trunks that screams confidence to us. If you're looking to get in on the trend, we've got the perfect place for you to start. Check out our top three picks  for the floral print trend below:

We love love love that…


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Why Rompers are the Best Wardrobe Staple

Rompers tend to bring out very strong emotions in people—just google "male romper" to see all the haters going crazy over the recent fashion trend. If you want to wear a romper, we're all for it though. In fact, we've practically been living in our rompers and overalls this summer and want to show them a little love. Read on to see our top three reasons why we're fans of rompers.…


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While Everyone Goes to Paris, Rhianna Stays in New York

If you've been following the latest fashion news at all, you're sure to have heard about Paris Fashion Week. And with good reason, too—most American designers have been opting to cross the Atlantic to strut their stuff. For the past two years, that…


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These Crop Tops from Sophia Miacova's New Line are Perfect for All your Festival Needs

Festival season is upon us, and in case you've never been to one before, you should know that half the fun is dressing up like a bohemiam…


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6 Must-Haves for Camping at Northern Nights Music Festival

When you think of the ultimate venue for an EDM concert, you probably think of sleek urban settings with all…


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7 One-Piece Bathing Suits On Our Summer Style List

If you're anything like us, summer can feel like the shortest season of the year. But when it comes to lining up bathing suits to rock all summer long, it feels just a little longer. When you want to spice up your style and step away from your go-to favorite bikini, go ahead and check out our favorite…


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5 Times Zendaya Broke the Rules with Style

Have you seen the July 2017 cover of Vogue? Zendaya, 20-year-old actress, musician, and all-around rockstar, graces the cover wearing…


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Nightclub Looks From East to West

We've all been anticipating the weekend. More than just alcohol, wild experiences and living lavish- the weekends are about expressing yourself. We often get tired of having to sport the same, simple traditional attire during our 9-5 weekday jobs. The weekends give us an opportunity to get out there and show the world who we really are. From the east to the west, styles seem to vary extensively. Let's see what looks club-goers across the States are rocking in the nightlife…


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It's National Bikini Day!

It’s hard to imagine a world without Sports Illustrated’s highly anticipated swimsuit edition, but believe it or not, the bikini has not been around forever. The world was introduced to the bikini on July 5, 1946 by a French engineer named Louis Reard. The explosive new two-piece staple was named after Bikini Atoll—a site used for nuclear testing.

Reard had a difficult time finding a model to wear the bikini because it was just a little too scandalous back…


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Celebs Are Bringing Their Top Style Game to Paris Fashion Week

While most Americans are enjoying Independence Day celebrations, several A-Lister celebrities have flocked to Paris for four days of couture glam style exhibits and parties. The fashionable stars will continue to show off off their hot, trendy ensembles through this week's events, posing for pictures and admiring each others looks. These are some of the standout looks from night one.…


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Men’s Swim Suits to Rock Your Fourth

We know what you’re all thinking—a swim suit is a swim suit, and there’s not much room for variation. But once you see our list of men’s swim suits to wear this Fourth of July, we’re pretty sure you’ll change your mind. Whether you’re looking for a bold print or a unique graphic, this list will have you covered. The best part is that you can rock these bad boys all summer long and at your Fourth of July pool parties!…


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Quay Australia Does the Sunglasses Scene Right

Shoes might make the outfit when you’re on land, but it’s the sunglasses that complete your look when you’re at a pool party. Quay Australia has the perfect sunglasses to help you make a bold statement at all the 4th of July parties this weekend. From sexy cat eyes to bold aviators, you’re sure to find one of these styles to complete your outfit—and make a statement while you’re at it—at your pool parties and barbecues.…


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Four Bikini Styles to Rock Your Fourth of July Weekend

It’s that time of year again—no, not swimsuit season—4th of July weekend! We know you’re spending all your time preparing the ultimate summer barbecue roundup, so we’ve collected the hottest bikini fashion styles right here for you. 


Sweet Bohemian Ruffle…


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Collected Life Tips to Make You Stress Less and Enjoy More

Several Internet blogs and wisdom books give tips on how to live a fulfilled life and stress less. VIP Club Scene readers and members are the type of people that want to get things done but live the luxury life too. These are some of the best tips collected that will ensure that we accomplish…


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