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What is Luxury to You?

What does luxury mean to you? Freedom? Wealth? The American Dream? Luxury often gets confused with richness, but to many, it has a way different definition. Here are some ways different people feel about luxury!…


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Getting a Rad EDC Look

The countdown to EDC Las Vegas is almost over and while this weekend's festivities cause me to squirm in my chair with excitement while I type this, the thought of having nothing to wear makes me panic a bit. EDC is one of those few occasions a year where you can express yourself and not only is it acceptable, its encouraged!!!! There's no better feeling than being in that welcoming crowd, jumping to the music all night for three nights in a row. But second to that is the feeling of knowing…


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Black Dresses For The Win!

A friend calls and tells me we are going to Miami to celebrate her birthday. First, excitement hits- I can't wait! But just moments after the initial anticipation, panic sets it-what in the hell am I going to wear? In a sudden fight or flight response, I rush into my closet…


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Malika Haqq Spotted at Omnia This Saturday in Vegas

The Kardashians aren't the only ones people are keeping up with. This past Saturday, among the celebrity appearances in Sin city (what's new?!) was Malika Haqq, close friend of Khloe Kardashian and Los Angeles born actress and director. Haqq arrived at Omnia nightclub at around 12:45 a.m. with eight other guests who made their way to their VIP table near resident DJ Kaskade's booth. The entourage was obviously enjoying their night and the DJ set, sipping cocktails and dancing until they left…


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Get your hot swimsuit look for Memorial Day weekend

We are anticipating Memorial day weekend, AKA the official launch of the best season of the year. Who doesn't want to slip on a swimsuit and head to a pool party this weekend? Swimsuit season is upon us and we're ready to feel summertime fine. Whether you are headed to Encore Beach Club in Vegas or a local pool party, it is imperative that you look (and feel) your best. 

Pool parties bring out the daring bougie-ness we all too often hide. They are the one occasion that allows…


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Fashion is very important, it exemplifies who we are and allows our own personality to shine through. What better way to stay on top of the quickly changing fashion world,then by checking in with these hollywood stars. Fashion is everything especially on the read carpet,take a look at some of the most elegant, sophisticated looks from some of our favorite Celebrity's .…


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Haute couture is fashion constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality, often unusual expensive fabric that is sewn with extreme attention and detail. This procedure consumes a lot of time a patience with hand- executed techniques. Couture from the French word means "dressmaking", but can also be referred to fashion, sewing and needlework. As for the French word Haute it means "high",…


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The Met Gala, formally called the Costume Institute Gala is an annual fundraising event for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. The benefit serves an opening celebration for the Institute's annual fashion exhibit. Once the fundraising event has ended, the fashion exhibit runs for several months. Each year the gala has a themed event, which many…


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 I know summer just got here and the summer trends and fashion are very much in progress, but it's nothing wrong with being two steps ahead of the game when it comes to fashion. Everyone likes a good shoe that is comfortable, stylish, great quality and that you can wear with many outfits in your closet. The saying goes "shoes can always tell a lot about a person", so if your someone who takes extremely good care of yourself and enjoys the finer things in life, then…


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How to earn trust in the workplace

Trust is definitely one of the factors that will determine whether you progress up the ladder in your career. If your subordinates and colleagues perceive you are trust worthy, you will definitely have better chances of getting that promotion or even earning rewards at the workplace. Trust involves being reliable and doing the right thing. Trust is one characteristic that will build loyalty and respect and a safe and supportive working environment. On the other hand,…


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Intrigue, fashion and decadent style come together

Intrigue, fashion, decadent style.  It all comes together in this new film,"The Fringe." Starring spring’s Gucci
Nouveau Fringe bag, the short explores the sensual new side of Gucci Bamboo.

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Tiffany & C0. - Tiffany Sparklers

The summer fireworks are still sparkling with Tiffany jewels!


Tiffany Sparklers

Amethyst cocktail ring:

A collection of Tiffany gemstones cut to maximize each captivating color. Ring with an emerald-cut amethyst in sterling silver. Carat total weight…


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Beyoncé and H&M Partner for the Summer!

(Photo c/o

Another celebrity collaboration for the affordable clothing line H&M is hitting the stores in May and this one…


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Rihanna for River Island: Trashy or Chic?

Rihanna. Beautiful, talented, and now with her own clothing line...??

Let’s be honest, Rihanna is…


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Let’s talk fashion at the Grammys!

Last night while everyone was watching over the stars and congratulating them for their achievements of music by awarding them with Grammys’ I was checking them out and pondering their outfits of choice.


and The Best Dressed goes to…Katy Perry!…


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EDM fashion must have: the crop top

The music festivals are upon us and everyone’s gearing up for them with an infinity of tutus, furry boots, and LED bras. But let’s face it, a neon bra or a mouse head is hardly an appropriate attire for walking around town or even go out to the club.

Even though the number one rule in EDM fashion is not…


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Top Holiday Hairstyles

     Tired of the just out of the shower and running late to work look? Well so is everyone else that has to look at you! During Christmas and New Years Eve events many pictures will be taken by friends and family whether you like it or not.  Most of…


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What Women/ Men Really Want for Xmas.

It’s that time of year again when it’s better to GIVE than to receive. Buying a gift for your significant other can be even harder than deciding what to do on New Year's Eve. Watching their facial expressions as they unwrap your gift is the most nerve-racking experience. The look that we all desire most is unexpected surprise, followed by a pleasant smile, then that flirtatious grin that you know so well; it means that it’s definitely ON tonight.…


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Couture: Night Life Reborn

Hollywood’s first fashion inspired Lounge/Restaurant Couture: Night Life Reborn, has come into the luxury nightlife scene, and is quite the spectacle from co-owner Danny Bintar, event producer from Las Vegas, and Boulevard Nightlife Group (A multi-venue hospitality company). The official unveiling of Couture was held November 13, 2012 and was open exclusively to friends and sponsors.…


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When the lights come down and the party gets wild!

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Love, love, love this @lejardin_la is keeping it strictly house music! VIP Club Scene Magazine is in the building!!

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