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Give Your Taco Tuesday A Twist With Bao Buns

For us taco lovers, every Tuesday seems like a repeat of the last when it comes to cuisine. Tacos are a Tuesday staple and we can't deny our passion for Mexican, but every dish deserves a twist and we know just the way to do it today! Add some Chinese fusion to your dinner by introducing these light, fluffy steamed buns. The warm, slider-sized bao buns are the trendiest addition to restaurants all over and they don't just go with Chinese food. They can be filled with fried chicken, pork,…


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Pros and Cons of Lip Injections

We love them. We hate them. We love to hate when others have them, but let's be honest. When done right, lip injections look pretty damn good. Of course, there are the horror stories that come along with minor plastic surgery. There are the celebrities-gone-Donald Duck. But there are also the…


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Inspiring Quotes From Successful Bad Ass Richard Branson

As you may have read in our September issue, Richard Branson isn't a traditional rich, elite CEO. He has a zest for life beyond what many business-minded people have ever encountered. The billionaire owner of the Virgin brand has an inspiring outlook and with that, has spoken many motivating words. Here are some of his best quotes that'll make you want to live more openly, enthusiastically, and…


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The Tipping Controversy

Just searching "tipping" on Google results in several articles with titles like- "Why you should stop tipping," "Fuck you if you don't tip your server," "Reasons tipping is important," and "Screw tipping." 

Tipping has clearly always been a controversial topic and not for the reasons you'd expect.…


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Luxury Homes in San Francisco are BOOMING

If you've been considering a relocation to the tech epicenter of the world or your current studio apartment has given you one too many cases of cabin fever, September is the month for you. Data shows that the luxury real estate market in San Francisco will be booming this month and through the…


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Goodbye 93 Days 15 Hours and 38 Minutes of Summer

The inevitable has come. We have officially surpassed the 93rd day 15 hour 39 minute mark and entered a new season. Well, it's more of an awkward transitional phase that leaves us all confused with what it's acceptable to wear each day and wishing we were Californians. Summer was a success and we're clearly all…


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Make the Most of Your Labor Day Weekend

The time has come when we start talking about Summer in the past tense. Yes, in due time all things must come to an end and the hottest season of the year is no exception. Labor Day weekend is coming in HOT and whatever you do, it is imperative that you get fully involved and make the most of your limited time! Here are some tips for finishing off a stellar Summer with a three day weekend for the books! 

1. Whatever you do, bring your whole…


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5 Hot Outfit Options for a First Date

Figuring out your first date outfit can be stressful. You want to snag the partner of your dreams, but don’t want to be over the top. You want to look fabulous, but don’t want to come across as someone else. Whether it’s with someone you met through a friend or Tinder, choosing your outfit communicates a lot about you. It takes just under seven seconds for someone to form a first impression. In other words, someone will decide who they think you are pretty quickly based on what…


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Top 3 Beaches in Miami

If you’re a local in these parts, you already know what you like or don’t like when it comes to the beaches. For the most part, you stray away from where the shoobies herd together and catch some sun in a more quiet part of Miami Beach. Or, maybe, you just like to go skimboarding at Southpoint because that what was the cool thing to do when you were in high school. Not here to judge, but I am here to direct. After living in this sunny place with shady people for so long, I have a…


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Millennial-Only Cruise Ship By UniDays

U by Uniworld is now set to offer river cruises in spring 2018 for millennials only. Two cruise ships described as a thrilling combination of a travel resort, luxury yacht, and boutique will host just under 240 passengers combined. The catch…


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Kardashian-Jenner Family Teach Us a Thing or Two About Luxury

Love 'em or hate 'em…


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Today's Dose of Good Vibes: Tinder Covers a Woman's Flight

Most of the time when you hear about Tinder it’s a date gone wrong. That was not the case for blogger Erin Kim who was traveling…


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Daily Laugh (80s Dating)

Before Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, and even eHarmony this is how the people of the 80s reached out (awkwardly) to find someone. Let this serve as a reminder to freshen up your Tinder profile and don’t use any of these lines with anyone you care about. Go out and find “The Goddess!”

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This Weekend in the Bay Area

Tour de Fat – Oakland, CA…


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What it's really like to do a boudoir photo shoot

Taking professional sexy photos as a gift to your spouse-to-be is a growing trend within the bridal community. These photos are known as boudoir photography and are meant to celebrate the female body in an elegant way. Think more Victoria’s Secret and less…


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5 Reasons You Should Give Face Oil a Try

We know, it sounds like the worst combination ever—after all, you've been avoiding oils in all your beauty products for the past…


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El Techo Rooftop Bar in San Francisco

As a fellow Californian, I’m here to confirm that the rumors are true: we are spoiled. Our weather is perfect—not too hot and not too cold. During the summer, there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold cocktail outside. As always, we’re on the hunt for next level experiences and San Francisco offers great cocktails, great weather, and great views.

El Techo is a rooftop bar in the Mission District of San Francisco. People line up outside and eagerly wait for their turn to ride…


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How to Survive the Summer Heat in Las Vegas

When you step out of the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas during the summer, the desert heat immediately engulfs your entire body. A slight breeze won’t necessarily help either because it’s also hot. You know that heat that you feel on your face when you open your oven? It’s like that, but all over your body. With so much partying going on, it’s easy to forget that Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert, but it’s important to prepare. So, here are a few tips to survive its summer…


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Learn About the History of the Rave Scene with This Book

This one is for you rave junkies out there. It might not be readily apparent today, but in the not-so-distant past, raves were something that took place out of the eye of the public, underground. Have you ever wondered exactly how the…


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The Chandelier Bar in Vegas

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to sit inside of a chandelier, this 3-tiered bar, located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas gives you the elegant, dreamy experience you’re looking for.

The bar is decorated in the Cosmopolitan’s signature purple color scheme and has 3 tiers: bottom of the chandelier, inside the chandelier, and top of the chandelier.

The beautiful bar offers 3 signature drinks. The Forbidden Fruit, The Infinite Playlist, and…


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