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Laugh of the Day

Take a time out of your busy day and take a laugh train to Russia with the Machine (Bert Kreischer). It’s the heroic story of a Florida State frat boy and his culturally sensitive account of a summer in Russia. Learn to give vodka to the Machine, but don’t rob the train. And bring Pedialyte.

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Micheladas: Next Level Mexican Bloody Mary

I just started typing and my mouth is already watering. As a fellow Mexican, I’m here to confirm that yes, we do love spicy food and yes, we are extra. We like to take our drinks and food to the next level.

So, let me introduce you to a drink that’s quickly gaining popularity: Micheladas.…


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Wine Wednesday: Timorasso

We've found the perfect white Italian wine to make you believe that there are still brilliant flavors to discover: …


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It's National Bikini Day!

It’s hard to imagine a world without Sports Illustrated’s highly anticipated swimsuit edition, but believe it or not, the bikini has not been around forever. The world was introduced to the bikini on July 5, 1946 by a French engineer named Louis Reard. The explosive new two-piece staple was named after Bikini Atoll—a site used for nuclear testing.

Reard had a difficult time finding a model to wear the bikini because it was just a little too scandalous back…


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Five Healthy Energy Boosters to Get you Through your Day

When you party hard, you need a sure way to recover, which is why we've compiled this list of five great (healthy) energizing drinks to get you through your day. Be careful, you might find yourself giving up coffee after you see how well these drinks are at rebooting your system!…


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San Francisco's Hotel Zeppelin is Trendy, Sophisticated, Edgy

As an Atlanta native, I get to see San Francisco with a fresh set of eyes. Before relocating here, I was able to stay in various hotels across the city and experience each of their atmospheres. Rarely are natives of a city able to step back and become a tourist in their hometown for a day, so my experience is less tainted by my knowledge of the area.…


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Beat Your Monday Hangover With Pedialyte

You have a mixed relationship with alcohol. It’s almost like riding a roller coaster: one minute you’re on top of the world, and the next, you’re waking up on Monday morning with a pounding headache and a very dehydrated body.


When it comes to hangover cures, you’ve surely…


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Nightinerary – An App to Navigate the Night Scene in Vegas

Have you ever found yourself googling “night life Las Vegas“? We all know there's bound to be some good nightlife going on in Vegas, but just aren't sure exactly where to find it. But the thing is, Google can only give you so much, and then you end up sifting through the endless list of results to find things…


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Cocktail of the Day: Cranberry Sensation

Cranberry Raspberry Flirtini
Believe it or not, modern cocktails can have some medicinal value (if you really need an excuse to indulge, here it is). Native Americans in the past embraced the acidity in raw cranberries to fight infection! Get to blending and sip on this tasty deliciousness.…

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Hennessy Cocktail For a Baller Weekend


Treat your guests like royalty with this cocktail of the day. In a "Rocks Glass" add limes ,ice, 1oz Hennessy, 1/2 oz grand marnier, cranberry juice, splash of cranberry ginger ale. Boom! Take a sip and feel like the baller you are this…


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Fun Optimistic Summer Cocktail Recipe

It is screaming hot outside. For those of us who don't have the option of floating around in a pool or ocean all day, we…


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Friday Cocktail Recipe: Mint Lemonade

Try this middle eastern Mint Lemonade, with paper and salt to spice up your day! You need to start with a very concentrated Lemonade and a pinch of mint leafs and dash of paper and salt. And let us not forget the vodka! Belvedere or Grey Goose are typically a great choice. Blend it all together with some ice and strain them into your glass. Dress it up with a mint leaf. If your in a part of the word where it's still hot and summer is in the air, give this a try! It will be an instant hit…


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Quay Australia Does the Sunglasses Scene Right

Shoes might make the outfit when you’re on land, but it’s the sunglasses that complete your look when you’re at a pool party. Quay Australia has the perfect sunglasses to help you make a bold statement at all the 4th of July parties this weekend. From sexy cat eyes to bold aviators, you’re sure to find one of these styles to complete your outfit—and make a statement while you’re at it—at your pool parties and barbecues.…


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Fun 4th of July Cocktails to Try This Weekend

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July weekend than with awesome food, friends, and drinks! For this Thirsty Thursday, here are five patriotic cocktail ideas.

  1. Frozen Bomb Pop Daquiri

    Who else remembers begging their parents for one of these popsicles as a kid? Indulge in this colorful, tasty treat with an…

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Collected Life Tips to Make You Stress Less and Enjoy More

Several Internet blogs and wisdom books give tips on how to live a fulfilled life and stress less. VIP Club Scene readers and members are the type of people that want to get things done but live the luxury life too. These are some of the best tips collected that will ensure that we accomplish…


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Guilt-Free Cocktails, Because Fun Shouldn't Be Sacrificed for Health

I am a firm believer that I do not need to put my amusement to a halt in order to be healthy. What kind of bullsh*t is that? Magazines and public figures constantly express that drinking is a major cause of weight gain, and it's no secret that it is. We all wish we could erase the traumatizing memories of the Freshman 15, don't we? As adults, it's pretty unacceptable to put our health at risk for an elaborate lifestyle of partying and luxury, but we don't have to. In honor of this thirsty…


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What is Luxury to You?

What does luxury mean to you? Freedom? Wealth? The American Dream? Luxury often gets confused with richness, but to many, it has a way different definition. Here are some ways different people feel about luxury!…


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Buffets in Vegas are Perfection- Especially at Aria

You don't go to Las Vegas to do anything half ass. You go to Las Vegas to bask in all things extra, to fully cater to yourself. While you must savor every moment of the nights spent relishing under the stars, you must also take care of yourself the following morning so not a second is wasted being too tired or hungover. Forget the oxygen bars and hydration stations- there's no recovery process a good meal can't speed up. The breakfast buffets in Las Vegas are no joke. It's…


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Getting a Rad EDC Look

The countdown to EDC Las Vegas is almost over and while this weekend's festivities cause me to squirm in my chair with excitement while I type this, the thought of having nothing to wear makes me panic a bit. EDC is one of those few occasions a year where you can express yourself and not only is it acceptable, its encouraged!!!! There's no better feeling than being in that welcoming crowd, jumping to the music all night for three nights in a row. But second to that is the feeling of knowing…


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Black Dresses For The Win!

A friend calls and tells me we are going to Miami to celebrate her birthday. First, excitement hits- I can't wait! But just moments after the initial anticipation, panic sets it-what in the hell am I going to wear? In a sudden fight or flight response, I rush into my closet…


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