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The Super Bowl Party Scene

For the final piece of my series all about having the best time in Vegas out for the Super Bowl, I’ll be covering a few of the hottest clubs in the red-hot city, and checking out what plans they’ve got lined up for the big game. Not only that, but there’s some super Super Bowl themed parties and…


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Be Good to Your Bartender!

One of the most important things you can do when you are at a bar or club is treat the staff with the utmost respect, especially your bartender. If you want to be treated and seen as a VIP, it is essential that you take care of the bartender just like they will take care of you for the rest of the night.…


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Event Highlight: Chinese New Years at 1015 Folsom

Something to check out next week in the nightlife scene in San Francisco is the Chinese New Years party at 1015 Folsom, a nightclub that has its ups and downs, but we’ll get to that part. On February 10th this party brings it all out, presented by Raindance and An-Ten-Nae and marking the advent of the…


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Club Scene: Sayers Club

Today’s Club Scene is about another location presented by the luxury nightlife entertainment group, SBE Entertainment. The Sayer’s Club is a new lounge, tucked away from the hustle of a huge dance club; exquisite, opulent, and elegantly relaxed, the club features live music, classic…


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Club Scene: Temple

Temple in San Francisco is another example of how incredible the nightlife and club scene in The City is. There are three rooms in Temple, The Shrine, Destiny Lounge, and the Catacombs. Overall, the owners of Temple take a very different tack from other club owners, though: they aim to own the greenest (not…


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Your Guide To The College Party

So you’re in college. That’s cool! But now its Friday in the afternoon and evening is close, or maybe its even Thursday and like many college partiers you are looking to get an early start on a big weekend. What’s the scene at college, for people looking to hit a spot with some bumping music for the dance floor, fellow students ready to shake away the stress of the week, and maybe a drink, cold and sweet to wash it all down (for the upperclassmen, right)? As a graduate from UC…


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Club Scene: Haze at Aria

Back again to Las Vegas, today I’ll be taking a look at the nightclub HAZE in the resort Aria. Presented by entertainment group The Light Group, the website for Haze describes the club as “a colossal cutting-edge environment that challenges your sense of perception and reality. The plush interior and superior service coupled with the latest in technology and a one-of-a-kind sound system provide a premier Las Vegas nightlife experience.”…


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SBE Entertainment

One of the biggest trends right now in Los Angeles is the rise of an entertainment called SBE. This organization runs a collection of nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants that have the entire city calling them to find out when to come visit. SBE Entertainment is bringing the nightlife in all its forms…


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The Party Continues on Ibiza

Space is not the only nightclub on Ibiza that makes the night go by with hard partying. Amnesia is another nightclub that has people saying it is the best club on the globe, so I guess Ibiza is the party island to go to.  The club’s credentials are impressive. It has been named the best global club for three years and was even honored at the Winter Music Conference.

The location,…


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Club Scene: Chateau at Vegas

Chateau Las Vegas, in the Paris resort right on the Strip, is yet another superclub that sets the standard for huge parties in luxurious settings with all the big names around. The only nightclub that opens directly onto the Vegas Strip (according to the review at, Chateau Nightclub &…


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Being Part of the Elite in Munich

Germany has come a long way in its history. For many years in the beginning of the 20th century, no one would dream of going there but, thankfully, that is not the case today. Today, many people go to Germany to enjoy its rich history and culture, as well as, to enjoy a nicebeer.

Munich is one of the top visitor’s destinations in Germany. Oktoberfest brings thousands of people…


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Womb: Being VIP in Tokyo

If one is looking for a unique experience and something VIP, than one doesn’t have to look further than Japan. Japan is known for staying true to its traditions, but at the same time being able to incorporate the modern world into the traditions.

Many people flee to Japan looking for some entertainment that they can’t get anywhere else.  And the options are…


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"Excuse me sir, how much have you had to drink tonight?"

Drunk driving is pretty much universally looked down on these days. Yet you still hear about people who do it, and the statistics back up the fact that far too many people still drive under the influence, often resulting in tragedy. Its all too easy, however, to see driving home after a…


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Club Scene: Eden Hollywood

Eden Hollywood is one of a series of nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels all operated by a group called SBE Entertainment. All of SBE’s locations are marked by a remarkable taste and lush elegance. The website for Eden opens by describing the venue as “an unexpected sanctuary in the heart of…


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Club Scene: 1015 Folsom

1015 Folsom is another top location for nightlife in San Francisco, and its been that way for more than 25 years. The club is huge, spread across twenty thousand square feet and including 5 separate rooms with 5 full bars in each one. There’s the main room, the Sutra Lounge, Cirque Lounge, Soft…


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The Cities With Sparks

Talking about what are the crucial parts of a great club is fun and all, but where are all of these places? What are the biggest cities to get to and get out for the nightlife? I’ll be weighing in, judging largely on where VIP Club Scene has been breaking down its club profiles.

The best place to start is with the city thats indisputably the biggest party city in the country, Las Vegas. If you think about cities in terms of great clubs, a map of…


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Club Scene: Ruby Skye

“Its got clean bathrooms, great music, and awesome drinks. What more could you want?” I heard my friend B– say as we seemed to soar over the water in her car, crossing the Bay Bridge into the City. She, my friend A– and I were on our way to Ruby Skye, to get out to the San Francisco nightlife after too…


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Finding the Beat

After talking yesterday about some key elements for nightclubs to find success, I’ll wrap up the series of posts by talking about the most important people at a club: the VIPs. The customer, any business will tell you, is the only important thing in business, and these customers need to be…


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Keys To The Club

Last week I started a series about all the elements of a great nightclub, and talked about the importance of a club’s size and location. I’ll continue that today, looking at what are probably the key features of a truly great club: world-class music (and sound system), talented…


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Taking A Step Back

I’ve been writing a lot about specific clubs, but before I go further with them, I think I’ll break down all the criteria that I try and look for, that I think is important for something looking for a great club to go out and have a great time at. I want to look at the different types of…


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