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Give Your Taco Tuesday A Twist With Bao Buns

For us taco lovers, every Tuesday seems like a repeat of the last when it comes to cuisine. Tacos are a Tuesday staple and we can't deny our passion for Mexican, but every dish deserves a twist and we know just the way to do it today! Add some Chinese fusion to your dinner by introducing these light, fluffy steamed buns. The warm, slider-sized bao buns are the trendiest addition to restaurants all over and they don't just go with Chinese food. They can be filled with fried chicken, pork,…


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Inspiring Quotes From Successful Bad Ass Richard Branson

As you may have read in our September issue, Richard Branson isn't a traditional rich, elite CEO. He has a zest for life beyond what many business-minded people have ever encountered. The billionaire owner of the Virgin brand has an inspiring outlook and with that, has spoken many motivating words. Here are some of his best quotes that'll make you want to live more openly, enthusiastically, and…


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Imagine Music Festival in HOTlanta

Imagine Music Festival this weekend brought the hottest DJs to the hottest city for a vibrant, magical experience. Check out this day 2 recap!

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Freezing Away Age and Weight? What's This Cryotherapy Craze?

Celebrities are swearing by it- this new, very expensive health trend. It's called Cryotherapy and basically entails standing in a chamber around some minus 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 to 3 minutes. It's like a reverse sauna, but way, WAY more intense. Sessions usually cost around $70 to $100 and they have locations all over the world. So what can we attribute this fad of freezing yourself to?! Well, while Cryotherapy's primary and intended use is for speeding up recovery and helping…


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"Welcome to the Show," MGM's Campaign Roars Boldly

"We aren't in the hotel business. We are in the holy sh*t business." These words are some of the many bold statements that graced the "Welcome to the Show" video, MGM Resorts' first-ever corporate brand campaign.…


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Get Some Post-Festival FOMO From These Nocturnal Wonderland Pics

Insomniac's festival Nocturnal Wonderland was indeed a beautiful wonderland-like experience that would make anyone memorized! From the outdoor atmosphere of Glen Helen Regional Park to the enlightening rhythm and bass of the music- no festival goers could have been unimpressed. Artists ranged from Chet Porter to Claptone, Excision to Falcons. The electronic atmosphere was infused with sounds far from generic and people showing their free spirits in style. Let's take a look at some of the…


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KAABOO's Creme de la Creme Nightclub Experience

Alright, alright, alright. So we're clearly looking forward to KABOO Del Mar this weekend. You've seen us share deets on many levels of the VIP experience and other features of the festival, but there's something we haven't mentioned just yet. It's something that is likely to push you "I only do activities involving clubs" people over the edge of "nah" into the realm of "total FOMO." …


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Kaskade Releases New EP, "Redux 002"

A few years after his first Redux EP, Kaskade is back at it again with Redux 002. The seven-song composition stays true to the DJ/producer's deep house roots, incorporating an abundance of unique vocals into…


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Avicii: True Stories, Will Reveal the Iconic DJ's Experiences

Piece of Magic Entertainment just announced that a compelling documentary that will recount Avicii's experiences as a DJ from the inside will be released October 26. The DJ's rapid rise to fame after his dance hit LE7ELS paved the way for an intense ride through the industry- testing the DJ both physically and mentally and ultimately leading to…


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Luxury Homes in San Francisco are BOOMING

If you've been considering a relocation to the tech epicenter of the world or your current studio apartment has given you one too many cases of cabin fever, September is the month for you. Data shows that the luxury real estate market in San Francisco will be booming this month and through the…


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Digital Expert Kelly Smith Appointed as Senior VP and Chief Digital Officer of MGM Resorts International

There's a reason your experience at mega resorts in Vegas and other landmark destinations is almost always impeccable and seamless, and in today's age, it seems like a huge part of that involves digital media. The hospitality industry is centered around doing whatever they can to stand out as the most accommodating and behind every flawless accommodation is a digital expert.

Well we can now expect a lot of innovation in MGM Resorts because Kelly Smith has just been appointed…


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EDC 2018 Official Announcement Introduces Exciting Changes

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for....

EDC 2018 has officially been broadcasted to the public and ravers all over the world! We cannot wait to hear more about Insomniac's plans for this wonderful adult playground, but let's start by sharing this message from Pasquale Rotella himself posted on Instagram…


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Scott Disick's 5150 Hospitalization Teaches Us to Celebrate the Craziness Rather Than Hide It

Scott Disick was reportedly hospitalized in August after the Los Angeles fire department responded to a call at his home. As a result, Disick was placed on psychiatric hold. While several media outlets and individuals are choosing to react by stirring up discussions of how and why he ended up in this…


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Experience KAABOO Music Festival Flawlessly As A VIP

KAABOO Del Mar’s VIP experience prides itself on enhancing the typical music festival culture with a trendier more upscale cater-to-you vibe that amplifies a good time for lovers of music who still want to be treated like the elite. This electrifying view from a VIP area is where you will enjoy the impeccable variety lineup-  from Pink to David Guetta.…


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KAABOO Del Mar is a Trendy Approach to a Summer Variety Music Fest

The Summer tide may be crashing down sooner than we think, but there is one place it will linger around a bit longer. While Labor Day weekend brings Summer to a close elsewhere, in the lusciously gleaming, music-loving Southern California city of San Diego, festival season continues. What better way to say, "Summer isn't over 'til I say it is" than by making the trip down to a 3-day vacay filled with good tunes and an equally satisfying experience. …


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2017 VMA Highlights

There is something about MTV's VMAs that creates a little more torturous anticipation than the other award shows. We all love the GRAMMY's, the Oscars and others, but the Video Music Awards always seem to grab the most attention. Perhaps it's because the VMA's have, for years, defied ordinary- challenging values and standards, raising the bar for entertainment and lowering the bar for class. We've seen drama, indirect reputation slaughtering, sexual innuendos and inappropriate grinding…


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The Many Looks in T Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" Video

Mixed feelings after watching Taylor Swift's new video and many, many questions. We can't help but appreciate the artistry in the video and all of the symbolism- the snakes, the one dollar bill, the makeup and outfits mimicking her former personas. There's a reason Taylor's video release during the 2017 VMA's broke the Internet. Swift is an expert…


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Celeb Spottings at Restaurants Across the US

Everybody needs to eat! And everyone is a sucker for a spiffy atmosphere, some grade A treatments, boozy deliciousness, and stunning views. So why would it be any surprise that our favorite celebs enjoy dining at the same statement spots as us?! Here are some restaurants in major US cities that celebrities have been spotted eating at. 


San Francisco- Water Bar 

Mariah Carey…


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Bruno Mars' "Versace On The Foor" Video Features Zendaya

Bruno Mars' angelic high-pitched and wonderfully controlled vocals are always satisfactory, especially in his most recent serenading song "Versace." The music video, just released Sunday, featured trailblazing actress Zendaya in a gorgeous disco-esque bell-sleeved sequin dress. Her perfectly flashy ensemble epitomized the song's title and…


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2017 Teen Choice Awards Highlights

"I need all you young people, I need all you to be educated. I need you to listen. I need you to pay attention," Zendaya said in her acceptance speech for the Choice Summer Movie Actress award last night in the Teen Choice Awards at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. 

This was one of many inspiring, uplifting moments brought to teen viewers by praised celebrities from the entertainment industry. Among these moments were the several awards given out for various categories and…


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