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The Chandelier Bar in Vegas

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to sit inside of a chandelier, this 3-tiered bar, located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas gives you the elegant, dreamy experience you’re looking for.

The bar is decorated in the Cosmopolitan’s signature purple color scheme and has 3 tiers: bottom of the chandelier, inside the chandelier, and top of the chandelier.

The beautiful bar offers 3 signature drinks. The Forbidden Fruit, The Infinite Playlist, and…


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A Piece of Italy in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for recreating some of the world's most famous structures and attractions. If you walk along Las Vegas Blvd (A.K.A. The Strip), you'll run into replicas of Paris' Eiffel Tower and New York's Brooklyn Bridge. One popular attraction is inside the Venetian hotel, where you can get a taste of Venice, Italy.

(Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, take note. This is a great date idea.)

The Venetian hotel offers…


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Soleil Pool Las Vegas

When you’re looking to cool off in Las Vegas, there’s no better way than to take a dip in the pool. While there are plenty of pools to be found in Sin City, the Soleil Pool in the Paris Hotel is located underneath their Eiffel Tower replica that offers the perfect selfie-worthy setting.

The pool extends about 2-acres and is meant to resemble a Parisian garden. Lounge chairs are available so you can get your tan on. Of course, no Las Vegas pool is complete without a bar. One of…


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Game of Thrones Inspired Cocktails

It may be July, but winter is coming! Don’t worry, this post doesn’t contain any spoilers, but the clock is ticking, so let the binge-watching begin. In honor of the season premiere of Game of Thrones on Sunday July 16, here is a list of cocktails that are perfect for a viewing party.

The Red Woman

Just look at this beautiful color! Melisandre would be proud. This recipe is brought to you by…


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Getting Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

We may feel invincible when we’re partying, but after a while, it starts to take its toll on our skin, especially our eyes. Before throwing on a ton of concealer, try these common household products to reduce the bags under your eyes. Try any of these and relax for 15 – 20 minutes to feel a little more refreshed and get rid of those unwanted bags.

Potatoes. Slice up a raw potato and place a couple of pieces over your eyes.…


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Spruce Up Your Water with Flavored Ice Cubes

Let’s face it: water can be boring. Whether you’re working out or enjoying the summer heat, you need to stay hydrated. If you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Do not stay thirsty, my friends. It’s tempting to go after the sugary juice or soda because you want flavor. So, here is an easy way to keep your water cold and delicious: flavored ice cubes!

The great thing about a flavored ice cube is that you can use just about any combination. Try out a few different…


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Micheladas: Next Level Mexican Bloody Mary

I just started typing and my mouth is already watering. As a fellow Mexican, I’m here to confirm that yes, we do love spicy food and yes, we are extra. We like to take our drinks and food to the next level.

So, let me introduce you to a drink that’s quickly gaining popularity: Micheladas.…


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It's National Bikini Day!

It’s hard to imagine a world without Sports Illustrated’s highly anticipated swimsuit edition, but believe it or not, the bikini has not been around forever. The world was introduced to the bikini on July 5, 1946 by a French engineer named Louis Reard. The explosive new two-piece staple was named after Bikini Atoll—a site used for nuclear testing.

Reard had a difficult time finding a model to wear the bikini because it was just a little too scandalous back…


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Miami’s LIV Nightclub is Getting a Makeover

What is the most stunning nightclub you have ever been to? For many, Miami’s LIV nightclub tops the list every single time. The incredibly successful party staple is not new to the spotlight. In 2015, the now ten-year-old nightclub made an estimated $45 million. I think it’s safe to say that they know how to…


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Fun 4th of July Cocktails to Try This Weekend

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July weekend than with awesome food, friends, and drinks! For this Thirsty Thursday, here are five patriotic cocktail ideas.

  1. Frozen Bomb Pop Daquiri

    Who else remembers begging their parents for one of these popsicles as a kid? Indulge in this colorful, tasty treat with an…

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Kim Kardashian West Makes Millions in Just a Few Hours

Kim Kardashian West followed in her little sister’s footsteps by launching her own line of beauty products, KKW Beauty. Her contour and highlighter kits launched on Wednesday and within hours, her entire stock of 300,000 units had sold out. Each kit retails for $48, which means the selfie queen raked in $14.4 million in sales! Kardashian West made the announcement on Twitter.



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