Album Review: Sander Van Doorn "ELLEVE11"


Although it has been out for some time and we're now in 2012, an album worthy of spotlight is one from 2011 that came from one of the world's top DJ/Producers.  In September, Sander van Doorn released, ELEVE11, a project that spanned 2 years in the making.  So, if you haven't already made this a permanent part of your music collection, it's definitely worth getting! 

Referring to his style as "SvD," Sander is known for his ability to successfully bend/blend genres.  Yet, this album is looked at as his true crossover where he, "once again does what he does best, mixing up styles, genres and artist-cooperations.”  So, before further a-do, here is the latest release from one of the world's top DJ/producers:



Label: Doorn Records (Spinnin')

Release Date: September 19, 2011


1) Love is Darkness (ft. Carol Lee):

  • A long intro in the album version is a bit much for me but, then again, it’s the interlude track.  The vocals of Carol Lee from the famous Dutch Indie-rock band, Bettie Serveert, highlight this song of unrequited love.  Upon first listen, it reminds me of the Dash Berlin classic, “’Till the Sky Falls Down.”  Although it’s not my personal fave (and took some time to grow on me), I can see why it’s been considered one of the anthems of this summer.


2) Koko:

  • When asked to name his favorite productions, this song fell into the list.  The song's identifiable whistle was originally recorded by Sander whistling into a microphone at a time when  he was unable to produce the sound with software.
  • *Immediate push of the “like” button*  I’ve seen, first hand, the great response it receives in clubs and have been equipped with this song (along with several remixes) in my set-lists since first getting my hands on the Bingo Players version, back in August.



3) Believe (ft. Tom Helsen):

  • Lots of house influence to this track, it features a beautiful piano chord melody and relaxed vocals from Tom Helsen.  Nice collab.


4) Rolling the Dice (ft. Sidney Samson & Nadia Ali):

  • Quite possibly one of my favorites.  The collaboration between him, the legendary Dutch-house producer Sidney Samson and one of the industries leading vocalists, Nadia Ali, warranted high expectations… and they were met.


5) Beyond Sound (The Godskitchen Urban Wave Mix):




7) Timezone (pres. Purple Haze ft. Frederick): 

  • As much as I enjoy Frederick’s vocals, I particularly love how Sander (err… Purple) subtly blends in the female vocals to and uses them to close out the track.  Also worth noting; this track is the latest fruition of Sander’s popular (very trance inspired) alter ego, Purple Haze, which has received praise from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and Above & Beyond.  Known songs from Purple Haze include, Bliksem, Eden, Adrenaline, and Hymn 2.0.


8) Drink to Get Drunk:

  • Banger.  I would throw this on the dance floor, any time.


9) Who's Wearing the Hat (w/ Laidback Luke):

  • Curious what inspired the name of this track?  When interviewed by DJ Mag, he said, “People sometimes mix me up with Luke,” he laughs, “so in the studio, he was wearing a cap, we took a picture for Twitter asking, 'Who's Wearing The Cap?' and that became the name of the track!”

  • Also a proven hit at the club, I particularly like the Creepers Gonna Creep remix:


10) Slap My Pitch Up:

  • Aptly named, this song slaps.  The intro is a little boring but at 0:30, it picks up.  By the drop at 1:15… I’m hooked.


11) Eagles (ft. Adrian Lux):

  • The synths at 1:30 and again after the drop at 3:52, (as cheesy as it sounds) make me feel warm inside.  This is a great team up with Adrian Lux.  It’s just plain, pretty.


...and with an album entitled, Eleven, what did Sander do with the 12th track? 



12) Kittens:

  • As it would turn out, "Kittens" was one of the most heavily sought after track IDs of his sets at Ultra (Miami) and Trance Energy (Utrecht), so Sander did as any true fan-pleasure would.  He made it available for free via Facebook!


Overall, ELEVE11, is a solid album that gets a little better with each listen.  With only a couple fillers (in my opinion, "Beyond Sound" and "Nano"), it contains tracks that will continue to be a mainstay in my music arsenal.

...check back for artist spotlight :)

- Miki


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