For the first time since I started blogging with VIP CLUB SCENE, I seem to have caught the dreaded “writer’s block” and am not quite sure where to start this post.  Not due to lack of words, but more-so, an abundance of them… I fear that I won't do justice to one of my favorite trance vocalists of all time.  For years, tracks possessing the hypnotic voice of Nadia Ali, have collected in my music library and, to this day, remain amongst my top played.  Although I'm extremely happy for her achievements, particularly as of this year, I'm sometimes shocked by people’s initial unawareness to the accolades that she has built over the past decade.  To say I'm a fan of hers would be an understatement.

Nadia Ali is no overnight sensation, nor is she an up-and-coming artist, which is evident in her extensive write-up on Wikipedia.  She has been around for years and (in my opinion) rightfully is the “Queen of Clubs.”  Now that I think of it, I find it almost funny that although I have been a fan for so long, I cannot pinpoint a single song to call my favorite.  But that’s because ALL of them are so good.  Ever since Nadia first emerged as the lead-woman for the band, iiO, with the (classic) track, “Rapture,” she has been a mainstay in the EDM world.  As a high school senior and newbie to the genre, in 2001, I can clearly remember the first time that song played in my speakers.  Still today, I can’t resist downloading the many remixes that have accumulated over time, my two favorite coming from Gareth Emery and Avicii. 

Check out the music video of Avicii’s “New Generation” version:

Despite the success of iiO, Nadia decided to pursue a solo career (while continuing to work with her former iiO bandmate, Markus Moser) in 2005 and has since earned international attention with acclaimed singles, including:

“Is it Love” (2006)

“Crash and Burn” (2008)

“Love Story” (2009)

"Fine Print" (2009)

While touring the globe and pleasing a massive fanbase, she has topped billboard charts, been featured on MTV, and was nominated at the WMC (Winter Music Conference) International Dance Music Awards for Best Progressive/House Track.  But In late 2010, Nadia reached the pinnacle of her career, receiving her first Grammy nomination with Morgan Page’s version of “Fantasy,” yet another song that immediately caught and held my (and the world’s) attention:  

My attraction to Nadia Ali goes beyond her appealing features and distinctively sultry voice, to the beauty of her words.  A talented talented singer, performer and lyricist, she has been an inspiration to many (myself included).  It’s no wonder she’s worked with (and had so many of her tracks picked up by) the likes of prominent DJ/producers such as Andy Moor, Starkillers, Serge Devant, Tocadisco, Sultan & Ned Shepard, Gareth Emery, Avicii and Armin Van Buuren.

"Who Is Watching" was her first solo release and collaboration with Armin, in 2006.  It is also significant to Nadia, who refers to it as one of the most meaningful.

"Who Is Watching" (2006)

For her second collaboration with the "world's No.1 DJ," she was featured in the song, "Feels So Good," off of his Mirage album in 2010:

"Feels So Good" (hotel acoustic) video:

Her recent release with Alex Kenji and Starkillers, "Pressure," (particularly the Alesso version) filled dancefloors, worldwide, and continues to keep people humming that all too familiar "mmmMMMmmmMMMmmmMMMmmm" (from the chorus).  No matter which city I DJ in, it is still highly requested and, although the song is nearly a year old (released in February of 2011), I can still count on it to get feet moving and fists-pumping. 



If I had to use one word to describe Nadia Ali and her music, I'd have to say; captivating.  MTV described her as "one of the 'enduring empresses' of electronic dance music," and agreed that her 2010 trilogy was appropriately named.  "Queen of Clubs" features new productions and remixes of old tracks, spanning the length of her career.  One of my favorites from the trilogy, is a track with Sultan & Ned Shepard, remixed by Spencer and Hill: 

"Call My Name" (2011)

I'm also particularly fond of the original production with Spencer and Hill, and the subsequent remix from Cazzette:

"Believe It" (2011)

For a very, very long time I have been waiting to see her perform live and, as fate would have it, I'm finally going to fulfill this wish tonight at San Francisco's, Ruby Skye.  Having purchased my ticket almost two months in advance, I have been anxiously awaiting this day... and now that it is here, I simply cannot wait.  Tonight is going to be a very good night.

...more to come.

- Miki


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