Avoid Backstabbing Friends: Let go of those gossipers!

You can go to any city and find those typical cliques of friends who look like they landed in the perfect social circle and are having the time of their lives - joking, laughing, telling embarrassing stories... and a part of you starts wishing you had a bond like that, an "I can tell you guys anything" kind of bond. But all too often it's all a facade, they don't trust each other in the least, and they aren't as close as they seem at all. 

There’s lying, scheming, cheating, and fakeness all throughout the worst of those circles. Haley secretly hates Ashley, who is backstabbing Nicki by speaking to her worst enemy, while Nicki is going behind Haley’s back with her boyfriend, and then there’s Britney, who quietly sits and listens to her friends gossip about each other, keeping every word locked away in her memory to use later. At the end of the day, they realize none of them trust anyone else, they can't rely on their "closest friends", and hanging out with their friends makes them feel more self conscious than relaxed and happy. 

And this doesn't just go for girls; guys can be just as guilty as gossipers. We see gossiping everywhere; at work, at home, out with friends, and often it's perpetuated by influences around us, such as in the movies and TV. Does your friend spend the entire night badmouthing a mutual friend? Besides the fact that excessive trash talking gets really boring to listen to, it also tells you something important about your 'friend'. 

It's important to remember to rise above the gossipers, set a higher standard of respect and make your social group a more positive one. If you set the example, and simply don't show interest in wasting your life badmouthing people behind their backs, your friends will follow your lead and you'll create stronger, more reliable friendships. And if they don't, let that trash talker go, or else you could find yourself stabbed in the back later, regretting that you stayed friends. The best way to avoid these situations is to simply remove yourself from them. This is also why it's important to be grateful for the good friends that you do have, because they aren't always that easy to find. 

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