Avoiding Risk While Being Wild and Free: Rave Safety Tips

The phrase "nothing good happens after midnight" became a defining theme of my adolescence- or at least the mishaps and misunderstandings that characterized it. Youth has a certain clumsiness to it and while I still consider myself there, I've realized there's a line we can balance on in order to avoid getting sucked into trouble like quicksand.

That phrase was really just meant to promote safety, and there is nothing wrong with that. It's actually pretty admirable. It doesn't need to be taken literally, because I'm sure many of you, like me, have come to believe that the hours after midnight tend to be rich with flavor and excitement, and that is technically good, isn't it? It all comes down to safety, whether you are at a nightclub, a day party, or a rave- safety is key. So here are some safety tips for those of us that can't seem to avoid the post-midnight limelight.

1. WATER is essential, even if you aren't thirsty at all. Your body needs A LOT of water- way more than you think. Play it safe by drinking several glasses the day before and hours before just to be extra prepared.

2. Stick with a buddy! I love going places solo but a rave is not the place to do so. If you are with a large group, pick one "buddy" that you know will look out for you. You can even write their number on your arm in case someone is helping you out later and can give them a call to find you, but that's just for emergency!

3. This should go without saying but don't take drinks from strangers. By strangers I don't just mean a creepy man hiding in a bush. This includes the fun group of friends you just became acquainted with that you feel you can "trust." Be friendly and get to know new friends, but always be careful!

4. Always know your surroundings and stay in control of them. If you ever get that weird feeling that something isn't right, it most likely isn't.

5. Look out for those around you too. If you see a fellow partier that seems to feel uncomfortable or be in a forceful situation, don't be afraid to step in.

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