What is the best ratio of people to go out with to the club? Just girls? Just guys? Guys and girls? It seems that every situation and combination has its ups and downs, but I am here to solve this issue and tell you the right ratio. Many people think that partying with guy friends and girl friends is the best because you have both sexes to balance each other out in every situation, but I am here to tell you that is wrong. By the end of the night, some one is going to get jealous over a situation, another person is going to end up paying too much at the bar, some one will get in a fight and the drunkest one will get lost. That is why the perfect combination to go out with is four people of the same sex.


Of course being a girl I only have experience with the female point of view of this, but I think it can work perfectly fine in the male situation as well. When you go out with a group of four people, you are prepared for a variety of situations; much more so than if you only went out with two or three people. For instance, if some one has to go to the bathroom, they can bring a buddy for safety to fend off creepers and people pulling you to the dance floor and the other two people can hold the spot at the bar. Another situation could be if some one decides they want to leave with a cutie they met that night. They can leave the group and feel assured that their friends will not be upset because they still have a large enough group to mingle and meet other people with. Some other situations include, having enough hands to hold each other’s drinks if needed, more people to pass down napkins and help clean up if a drink spills, and more than enough coverage to ward off drunken slobs that are getting too close.

Now going back to mixing the ratio and guys and girls when going to a bar. One of the main reasons why I avoid this in my group is because it gets awkward. One way or another some one is going to ruin the fun for everyone. Now I do not mind meeting up with another group of people that includes males and females, just as long as they are not in our main group and we have to rely on them. Knowing the way my guy friends act, they are protective over their girl friends (not to be mistaken for girlfriends), and if some weird guy tries to approach us the wrong way something bad will happen. Also with guy and girl groups, everyone always gets split up, and at the end of the night some one is missing.

So if you ever experience any of these issues when going out, take my advice and go out with four people that are the same sex. 90% of the time this situation works and every one has a good time. The other 10% of the nights are just too crazy to remember!


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When the lights come down and the party gets wild!

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Love, love, love this @lejardin_la is keeping it strictly house music! VIP Club Scene Magazine is in the building!!

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