Whenever you head out to a bar or club, it is important to enjoy yourself and have a good time. But it is even more important to possess proper club etiquette. You don’t want to be the person getting kicked out for fighting or acting unruly. Or in a worse scenario, not being let in at all because you aren’t in dress code or don’t have the funds to pay to get in! Both of these situations are just embarrassing to you, and even more so to your friends. Today I will share tips with you on how to practice etiquette before you get into the club, and tomorrow we will venture inside the bar and explore more tips and tricks!


Some Tips BEFORE You Step Into the Club (waiting in line):

  1. Make sure you are in dress code. You always want to make sure you look your best when heading out for the night, you never know who you will meet! Also, many bars and clubs have dress codes, especially if they are upscale and VIP. For guys, collared shirts and dress shoes (no tennis shoes or sports attire) are required. Bouncers are strict with what the guys are wearing and are not afraid to tell them they can’t get in after waiting in a massive line. Sorry to say guys, but the ladies have it much easier. Typically for girls, as long as you look cute and presentable, you can get in (except on those rare occasions where there is a snobby door girl).
  2. Be prepared to pay a cover charge. Yes I know, free guest list until 11 right? Wrong. Some places will charge you before the supposed guest list closes so be prepared.
  3. Make sure your ID is not expired. Some places will let you in with an expired ID, but there are many places that wont. Keep up to date with your ID status for guaranteed entry.
  4. Be nice to the bouncer! I cannot stress this enough. There have been so many incidents that I have witnessed where people are getting frustrated because it is taking forever to get it in the venue and right as they are about to get their ID’s checked and pay the cover, BAM! They explode at the bouncer and complain that they had to wait such and such amount of time to get into the lame bar. Even worse when guys yell about the dress code. If you act cool towards the bouncer maybe he will let you slide. But you yelled and everyone is staring. Well there you go. You just made an enemy with the only person that can give you access to the party. Great job.


Now if you bypass all of these obstacles and make it inside the bar, there are more tips to take into consideration. Stay tuned for etiquette tips when inside the bar tomorrow! TO BE CONTINUED…

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When the lights come down and the party gets wild!

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