Check out these rave fashionistas, funky costumes, and well…some rather embarrassing photos.

Do brighten up your face. Photo from

Do dress like Katy Perry. Photo from Elite


Do Care-a-bear your friend and Don't let them wear these!

Photo from

Do get creative with body paint.

Photo from Vegas

Do remember that your Mom & Dad can see this; Internet is forever kids.

Photo from Elite


Not sure what to wear to a rave? Do wear mesh, glitter, neon, beads, glow in the dark, sparkles, your favorite band t-shirt, fanny packs, cut-off shorts, tutus, bathing suits, and body paint. You want to try and beat the heat so mesh is perfect to let your skin breathe.

But wait, I didn’t say the less clothing the better! Every year girls seem to be getting raunchy and raunchier. A rave shouldn’t be an excuse to show your goodies ladies and gentlemen. Cleavage can be sexy, but less is more so lets rethink just wearing pasties. You’re probably asking yourself now, what should I not wear? At a rave you’re able to express yourself and will not be judged, right? Wrong. Sorry to break it to you kids but everywhere you go you are going to be judged by others and that’s reality. How about those cute fuzzy leg warmers and animal hats? Yes they are becoming trendy yet very tacky and wearing these can make your legs and body very hot. If your skin is sensitive you might even break out in hives from suffocating your pores. Try bright cushioned flats and tennis or even some bright running Nike shoes, which come in so many different colors and will be a comfortable fit for dancing all night.


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When the lights come down and the party gets wild!

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Love, love, love this @lejardin_la is keeping it strictly house music! VIP Club Scene Magazine is in the building!!

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