Trust is definitely one of the factors that will determine whether you progress up the ladder in your career. If your subordinates and colleagues perceive you are trust worthy, you will definitely have better chances of getting that promotion or even earning rewards at the workplace. Trust involves being reliable and doing the right thing. Trust is one characteristic that will build loyalty and respect and a safe and supportive working environment. On the other hand, distrust causes tension and negative behavior and this can erode the team spirit and ultimately productivity.

Be honest

This should be the first step towards building trust. Ensure that you always tell the truth. Share honest information even if it doesn’t work to your advantage and do not steal even something as small as a report from the cabinet of your colleague. When you overhear a quality idea rfom a colleague or business associate who is either too shy or unready to present it themselves, be sure that when the idea is finally shared that your co worker getsd the credit deserved.

Have good judgment

Know what kind of information to share and with whom. The personal information of employees and the company should be protected in the same manner you would; protect your own. Take time to think before you share that blunt and unsolicited judgment. If you are extremely honesty, you may end up hurting the recipient of the information, destroying trust and a safe environment. Remember that apologies don’t erase your wrongdoings when it comes to trust. You might be forgiven but you will never again earn the trust. Avoid those “just between us” secrets unless they are beneficial to the goal of the company.

Be consistent

You should be consistent in your words and actions. Ensure that you show up at work everyday and on time and stay up to the required hours. Do the work that has been assigned to you as the company’s job description. Always do what you say you will do. If you are unsure as to what will be needed to complete an assignment, do not feel uncomfortable asking the right questions to make sure you know what is expected. Nothing good happens when work is done incorrectly, and this can damage trusting relationships in the workplace very quickly.

Be honest even in nonverbal communication

According to body experts, more than half of our communication is non verbal. If you intend to increase trust through body language look at other people in the eyes Show open body language by using open arms rather than arms closed against the chest or hands that are clasped together. Keep the arms in sight rather than behind the body or in the pocket. While seated keep the legs uncrossed with your feet flat on the floor.

Have a mutually beneficial attitude

If you seem to have a blatant self serving agenda, it may cast doubt on your trustworthiness. With everyone having a self serving agenda, it is the level of harm to others that will determine the level of trust that people show to you. Have an attitude that genuinely shows care for others. Use open communication to nurture relationships that are mutually beneficial. Be willing to accept information as well as positive critique.

Consider all employees as equal partners

You must make even the newest rookie, the part-timer and the lowest paid employees feel important and part of the team. This will begin with the management not being aloof and going out to meet the troop. Leaders should also seek the opinions and ideas of the juniors and know them by name. They should genuinely treat them all with genuine respect.

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