"I'm the One" Music Video Shows the ULTIMATE Summer Party

All the Summer '17 playlists include DJ Khaled's contagious pop tune with Justin Bieber's flirty hook and rap verses from Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne. The "I'm the One" video just further verifies its position on your list of essential pool party jams. It is even set at a pool party itself. Now lets talk about this pool party. It's not your average grill-out and bring some beer pool party. It makes that pool party look like a peasant! This is the pool party of day dreams.

It starts with DJ Khaled calling up his friends (the performers) and some bikini-wearing girl prancing across the lawn on a white horse as if she rode straight out of a fairy tale's pages. Justin Bieber's dance moves are cool and charming. Quavo and Chance the Rapper pull-off those goofy expressive rapper vibes and inviting dance moves like no other. Lil Wayne doesn't make an appearance until later for his verse- because, well, he's Lil Wayne and can do whatever the hell he wants. And let us not forget DJ Khaled, the glue between them all, and his random outbursts. Who wouldn't want to hang out at this lush paradise of a backyard! For now, I'll just take it all in vicariously through the video and start planning a pool party of my own.

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