Life's Good, But Yoga Can Make It Much Better- Here's How

As busy humans with goals to meet and desires to fulfill, we often get so involved with the hustle of our lives that we forget to maintain the rhythm within ourselves. Stress is no stranger, but we act like it is completely unavoidable and unmanageable. We end up squeezing in hardcore workouts here and there or just before a grand event so we feel like we've done our part to keep our bodies in check, but what about our minds?

We can't neglect the mind! It's the epicenter of it all, everything we do! So, why not take advantage of a way to feed both body and mind? Yoga lovers swear by it and there is a reason why. While during a beginner yoga class, for some, it may not feel like much is happening but the passing of time, a lot of benefits are taking place! There are countless positive impacts that practicing yoga can have on you (not to mention all the uniquely designed yoga mats and kaleidoscope-patterned yoga pants you can rock while doing it). So whether you're just hanging out in a child's pose or all about that core-building stretch stuff, there is no harm in giving the ancient-turned mainstream exercise a try!

Yoga Reduces Stress

Need I say more before everyone gets on Amazon Prime and express orders a mat? Yoga is calm in nature and helps you get your sh*t together! We're all running on empty, and a daily yoga break can be just what you need to recharge without just calling it quits and taking a nap. But when it is time to hit the pillow, yoga comes in clutch because it is also known to reduce insomnia.

Yoga Improves Respiration and Circular Health and Increases Stamina

The breathing exercises done in yoga are said to increase lung capacity and improve heart rate. By doing some of the basic poses of yoga, you can also have a better shot at weight loss!

Yoga Increases Stamina

This one's especially for the ravers and night club goers! We all know tearing it up on the dance floor can be pretty draining. The more stamina on the dance floor, the more you can let it all out during a great song and not stop until you are 100% finished.

Yoga Improves Immunity

Like I said earlier, we all have our set of goals we don't want to hold back on reaching. There's nothing worse than getting sick or having to sit out when you are at the cusp of something great. Yoga can help you avoid that, like a non-edible Vitamin C.

Yoga Tones Muscles

We all know this struggle and it may be easier to fix than we think. Yoga tightens and allows you to build muscle strength while increasing flexibility (simply lifting weights can't do this).

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