The Many Looks in T Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" Video

Mixed feelings after watching Taylor Swift's new video and many, many questions. We can't help but appreciate the artistry in the video and all of the symbolism- the snakes, the one dollar bill, the makeup and outfits mimicking her former personas. There's a reason Taylor's video release during the 2017 VMA's broke the Internet. Swift is an expert at low-key scene-causing and it's all part of the ruthless "with a smile" image the pop singer portrays. However, this video seems to be the beginning of a reinvention of the Taylor Swift we have watched transform over the years and she rocked it. Regardless of the potential pettiness and the drama, karma and all that other pop star stuff, this video was crafted with glamour. Here are the best looks from the "Look What Your Made Me Do" video (because we've heard enough about the message and fashion is more fun, anyways).

All-Orange Hip-Hop Taylor

This look was reminiscent of both a disco jumpsuit and a hip-hop video style. Something about it gave some Kill Bill vibes too. The glamorous ghetto-superstar look with gold accents and blown out hair is definitely a fav. 

Biker Babe Girl Gang Taylor

This wasn't the first time we've seen Tay exercising her right to being a bad ass but all black and studs never goes out of style. This look was perfect- the studded hat, studded jacket and studded boots screamed I'll kick your ass." 

Cat Head Bedazzled Bat Swinging Taylor

This funky casual look was bomb and the cat head mask just topped it all off. Taylor Swift's criminal looting look took the stereotypical big black sweatshirt and of course, bedazzled it and added some thigh-high red leather boots.

The Glam Rock Superstar Taylor

This look has glam written all over it and the car just tops it all off. Why not throw on a giant fur cheetah coat over a sequin dress and some shades in the dark?! 


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When the lights come down and the party gets wild!

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Love, love, love this @lejardin_la is keeping it strictly house music! VIP Club Scene Magazine is in the building!!

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