Ever wonder how some celebrities get that perfect rounded bun? It certainly isn't professional hair skills that's for sure! Anyone can get the look and by using an old sock! Sounds a bit weird, but it does the trick and no one will know! Well just us ;)  So first your going to need a few things. 

What you need:

  • A brush – I like a paddle brush or a bristle brush
  • An elastic rubberband
  • Bobby pins
  • Donut shaped padding or sock (we can teach you how to do this easily)

You can buy a donut shaped padding at any Target, Rite Aid, Longs in the hair/cosmetics department. Or you can make your own. I rather make my own and save a few bucks and put some use into my mis-matched socks. This tutorial was found from the O'NEILL website. For a better visual, watch the youtube video down below. 

A really fun and quick video tutorial.

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