Where My Girls At? Women are Hard to Find Behind the Booth

As EDM has grown into this massive worldwide phenomenon in the last few years, it also has opened to a new crowd and generation of talents. Justin Bieber decided to be a DJ and is going straight to Ibiza for a summer residency at only 19 years old. Even younger producers have emerged like Danny Avila (17) or Madeon (18), performing in front of thousands. But where are the ladies?? A few lucky gals are finally getting recognized and are slowly multiplying in the industry. About time. But let’s face it, it’s still widely sausage-dominated behind the DJ booth. Hopefully by 2014, the hottest DJ at Ultra will be a woman. Make room boys.

Why so few?

When you think about it, it doesn’t really makes sense given than chicks dig EDM just as much as the next dude. I mean, have you not seen all the girls wearing tutus and glow-in-the-dark wings everywhere? Yet, only three female acts ever made it to the Top 100 DJ list: Lisa Lashes in 2009 (#75), Claudia Cazacu in 2010 (barely made it at #93) and the Australian duo Nervo in 2012 (#46!). Are the bros having a hard time letting the chicks in their inner circle?

The ratio of men to women in the EDM industry is comparable to the one in a computer science major in college. Oh wait, that’s because to be a DJ/producer, you have to know your way around a computer and a ton of software. Producing also means disappearing in the studio for long periods of time (surrounded by leftover crusts of pizza) and that means giving up the front lines and glamorous lifestyle a lot of women crave. To summarize, DJs are nerds. Even Steve Aoki agrees. Put that on a shirt.

What they bring to the scene:

Women bring a certain edge to the industry, because they constantly have to prove themselves. But above the idea of equality of sexes, they are precursors and bring hope to others. The idea that if they can do it, any women can thrive in the industry, encourages wannabe DJs to follow their dreams even if it’s in a male-dominated industry.

Here are a few you should know, who besides being cool chicks, are amazing at what they do:

Nervo: DJing, songwriting, looking hot as hell while performing, there’s nothing the Australian duo can’t do! Undoubtedly the most successful female act out there, they played at Electric Zoo last year and will perform at the Spring Awakening Music Festival 2013 in Chicago along with Calvin Harris, Bassnectar, Porter Robinson, Paul Oakenfold just to name a few.

Kito: Australian born, London-based DJ and driving force of bass music.

Annie Mac: Irish DJ, host of multiple shows on BBC 1 since 2009, she makes people happy every Friday night. Check out her 5 minute mini mixes.

Audrey Napoleon: Two residencies in LA, at Music Box and Avalon, she’s also a bad-ass producer and has worked with a number of prominent artists, including Madeon, Deadmau5, Avicii, and Nervo, and caught Eric Prydz’s attention with “Banana Soda Es Muy Loca”. Oh and yeah, she’s also a model and has her own clothing line.

Maya Jane Coles: named best breakthrough DJ by DJ Mag in 2010 thanks to her hit “What They Say.”

Rebecca & Fiona: Swedish duo, released their debut album I Love You, Man in 2011. Performed at Ultra this year.

Photo: Rebecca & Fiona at Ultra this year. Courtesy of Ultra's Facebook page)

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