Don't Be a Fool, Stay Cool: Why You Shouldn't Panic When An Ex Walks In The Club

Break-ups are difficult, no matter who ended the relationship. What was normal at the time of the relationship is going to be different now. You’ll have to start going about life with a whole new routine. During the moving on process it’s best to completely separate yourself from your ex, maybe in time you’ll be friends but for now it’s best to distance yourself from one another. No more friendly visits or text messages, there’s no need for the confusion.


Finally you get over the break-up. You’ve been spending time with family and friends, as well as staying busy with new hobbies. Your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is no longer on your mind until the day you decide to hit up the club with some friends. It sounds like a good idea at the time until you see your ex. Men and women alike, the first instinct would probably be either to run or to go over and say hi, but that could turn into a disaster or a really awkward situation. You don’t know if he/she is still hurting or upset from the relationship or if they’ve moved onto someone new.


The best thing to do when you see that ex in the club is to just stay calm, cool and collected, DO NOT panic. Staying calm will allow you to think clearly so you are able to make the best decision instead of flipping out and causing a scene, like many cases I’ve seen. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “fake it till you make it,” well that’s what you’ll need to do. There still may be some feelings there for your ex and by immediately panicking you are going to reveal that. That could lead to hooking up with your ex then getting hurt all over again because one person ends up having more feelings than the other. Act as if everything is okay; don’t let one ex ruin the whole night. 

Not all of us are able to act so calm and for those cases it’s just best to ignore your ex all together. Avoid all eye contact and do your own thing. He/she will get the picture and there won’t be a major blowout in the middle of the club; it’s not a good look.


All these tips can be used in and outside of the club. If you can run into an ex at a club you can surely run into them at the mall or even grabbing a bite to eat. Remember if you don’t want to look like a fool, follow one simple rule; stay cool.

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